Webinar: Tuesday November 19, 2019
10:00 - 10:45 PST

Implementing the Benefits Realization Management Framework

Benefits Realization Management (BRM) is a framework that provides organizations with a way to measure how projects and programs add value to the enterprise. BRM helps organizations effectively identify, analyze, deliver, and sustain benefits that align to the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. This framework offers structure for project, program, and portfolio professionals and leaders.

Join our webinar where we’ll discuss:

  • Identifying Benefits – methods to determine whether projects, programs, and portfolios can produce the intended business results.
  • Executing Benefits – methods to minimize risks to future benefits and maximize the opportunity to gain additional benefits.
  • Sustaining Benefits – methods to ensure that whatever the project or program produces continues to create value.

Following this webinar, you will have actionable steps you can apply afterwards.

About the presenter:

Tad Haas, Executive Vice President, edison365

Driving the expansion of edison365 into the Americas and continuing the vision of empowering every organization to create and deliver change. With over 20 years in both product and project management, Tad is a passionate technology evangelist and experienced change agent.

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