Bringing employee ideas into sharper focus: Driving innovation at RTLZWEI
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RTLZWEI is one of the biggest content creators in the German TV business. Packed with surprises and full of curiosityit’s quite different to other TV stations. RTLZWEI and its inhouse sales agency EL CARTEL MEDIA represent the best of youth entertainment and innovative informational TV programming and sales process. RTLZWEI and EL CARTEL MEDIA encourage innovative thinkinginvestment and support employee suggestions. 

Watch this live chat between multiple innovation project leaders at RTLZWEI and Ivan Lloyd, CEO and innovation evangelist at edison365, hosted by Jonathan Brayshaw, Head of Marketing and Communications at edison365 to hear how they've launched edison365ideas as their innovation platform of choice across all departments, and how they'll use it to make ideas pay.  

In this session, we discussed: 

  • Why RTLZWEI decided to adopt a robust approach to managing its innovation process with all its stakeholders. 
  • Tried and tested methods to launch an innovation management platform across all departments.  
  • Building measures to address the creative and commercial side of program-making.
  • How they are encouraging top-down and bottom-up innovation. 
  • How they support employees to collaborate on ideas and challenges. 

Meet the speakers: 


Pia Emde, Project Manager, RTLZWEI 

Pia supports and monitors projects and project groups across the organizational development department. With a deep understanding of modern project management methods in an agile environment, she also helps prepare and facilitate workshops and training in project management. 

Jan Homeyer, Senior Conceptioner, EL CARTEL MEDIA / RTLZWEI  

Jan focuses on graphics and design-based work, creating a lot of the motion and stills content for RTLZWEI's B2B and B2C campaigns. He also organizes and conducts the organization's photoshoots for events and campaigns.  

homeyer jan

Constantin Vormwald, Business Development Manager, RTLZWEI  

Constantin works to identify and implement new business models, start-up co-operations, project teams and idea management. 

Ivan LloydChief Executive Officer, edison365  

Ivan is the global leader of our business and is a respected industry expert in innovation delivery, project management excellence and business case justification. Ivan is at the forefront of enabling our clients to drive and embed innovation into their core business processes and deliver projects that provide value to the entire organization. 

Ivan - LP-1
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Jonathan BrayshawHead of Marketing and Communications, edison365 

Jonathan heads up our global marketing practice, including customer reference program. With a background in broadcasting and national journalism, he is an experienced interviewer and enjoys enabling our customers to tell their stories.