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The edison365 Innovation Preparedness Assessment is a quick and simple way to reflect on your business situation and review your existing processes. The assessment consists of 10 questions, aimed at evaluating your preparedness for an end-to-end innovation process, from ideation to value delivery. To generate the most accurate results and recommendations, please reflect your current business situation as accurately as you can.

What will you receive?

On completion, you will receive a comprehensive report, detailing where exactly your organization can benefit from change, with insights into your readiness as a whole and at each stage of the innovation process.

Report - Top section (questions and score)            Report - Main Section           Report - technology section & end-to-end   


Time to complete: 5 - 10 minutes
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Terms & Conditions: At edison365, we value your privacy and will only share your details with organisations directly engaged in the production and interpretation of the Innovation Preparedness Report. Please be aware that if you have identified a specific edison365 Business Partner during your completion of the Assessment, we will also share your contact details with the Business Partner you nominated when you completed the form.